on thursday i put a laser in my eyeballs. it was weird. so weird. it didn't hurt and i would do it again in a second. the first part felt like my eyes were being sucked up by a vacuum. like all this air was being pumped into them. but it didn't. the second part required to me look at a green light and listen to a laser burn my eyes. also, the smell of burning eyes smells just like anything else that is burning. much like toast. but that didn't hurt either. the whole thing was super fast. before i knew it i was sitting on the edge of our bed, having david take my sneakers and clothes off and tuck me in for a four hour nap. when i woke up, i could see. without anything in or over my eye balls. it was amazing and i'm still amazed. 

i will admit, the night before i was getting all sad about saying goodbye to my glasses. i know that is super weird but i had a slight tinge of guilt. like i was betraying them. they have been so good to me. and they've been apart of me since the second grade. it was a very nostalgic. i remember the first pair of glasses i had. the kids at school told me i looked like a secretary. i remember when i first got contacts and how i would cry when i had to take them out so my mom would do it for me. (i can't believe they gave a 10 year old contacts). 

i wonder how long i will think, crap i didn't take my contacts out when i get into bed at the end of the day. this whole seeing thing without help is new to me. 


  1. I hear ya about the guilt... sometimes I wear fake glasses just because I miss it! But dude.... it was the best decision and money spent ever. Welcome to the "I can see when I wake up" club! :)

  2. I am so JEALOUS!!!!!! Glasses since first grade and contacts since 7th......oh man, I need to start saving my pennies. Congrats!

    1. the place i got mine had a 2 year interest free payment plan. i'm sure you could find a place that had the same kind of dealo.