i like valentines day. i always have. so naturally, i'm wearing a sweater covered in hearts today. who doesn't like the chance to cut hearts out of construction paper? (who even uses construction paper at any other time of the year?)  and who doesn't like telling the people around you that you love them? i live for this stuff! so since i love cutting construction paper and telling people i love them, i've always valentine's day. (except my junior year of high school when i gave my boyfriend tickets to see lion king on broadway and he gave me a $4.99 chocolate barbie valentine from CVS pharmacy. he was, and probably still is a huge douche-face)

i have a lot of people to love in my life these days. and since i didn't send each one of them a personal valentines day card this will have to do. (i won't name all the people i love because a) that is slightly stalker-ish and b) i will undoubtedly forget to list someone). thanks for being so awesome. i count the people in my life as one of my greatest blessings.

and to my forever valentine, i love you. a lot. thank you for loving me despite my crazy weirdness and weird craziness.

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