my grandpa winston passed away a little over a week ago. even though he was 91, it came as a surprise. at his 90th birthday he told us we should be ready to throw him a birthday party when he turns 100 because that's how long he planned on living. he is my first grandparent to pass away and i honestly thought he would be the last. 

(win & lu on their wedding day)

there are so many things that i can learn from this man. i never heard him complain or say something negative about another person. ever. he was one of the smartest people i know and always wanted to learn. he loved talking about school and you could find him reading a grandchild's text book just for fun. he loved to read and had more books that than the average hoarder. he was honest and genuine. he was also hilarious and had one of my favorite laughs of all time. he was insightful and inspiring. he often compared life to a deck of cards and said "life deals you hand and you have to play whatever hand you're dealt."

(his 90th birthday party)

my grandpa was the father to 7 children, the grandpa to 28 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. i am so proud to be his granddaughter.


  1. I'm so sorry about your grandpa, Nat. I felt an enormous loss when my grandpa Edwin died, he was also a very good man and I am very proud to be counted among his grandchildren. Your writing style is so wonderful, I think you missed your calling. Also, you have the most interesting and poetic things to say about people - I love reading these kinds of posts (sad as I am about your loss.) <3

  2. This is probably my least favorite part of growing up... I'm sorry :(

  3. Not to detract from the gravity of the situation-- having someone older leave us doesn't make it better for that reason-- but what awesome dressers they were, too! Win looks dapper & Lu's wedding ensemble is epically chic. Ever think we'd learn fashion from our elders, too?!