in high school i developed a love for chocolate chips. i just like to eat them. especially when they are cold. i keep mine in the freezer. i don't buy them to bake with, i buy them to eat (not sure how i ended up with somebody who doesn't like cookies).

and that's how i almost killed jack. i left my bag of frozen chocolate chips on my nightstand. yes, i was snacking on them while laying on top of the bed with my laptop. i've never left food on my nightstand. so when david and i were heading out i didn't think to make sure it was dog proof.

we came home less than an hour later. jack greeted us with his ears and tail down. a dead giveaway that he got into something he shouldn't have. it's usually the bathroom trash or most recently, trying to break into some sunscreen he found in my bag.

i was trying to figure out what it was, and turned and saw david holding an empty plastic bag. my heart sank. this is not the first time he has eaten chocolate. a couple of years ago he got into my moms purse and eat some see's milk chocolate turtles. but milk and white chocolate are not usually deadly for dogs so we were fine. but semi sweet is a whole other game. i grabbed my computer and looked up how much chocolate jack could eat. things weren't looking good. as soon as a read the line "10 oz of semi sweet chocolate can kill a 22 pound dog" i burst into tears. i thought i had just killed my dog.

i called our vet's office and they had just closed and didn't have enough staff to handle the situation. they told me to head down the street to a 24-hour emergency vet. so we go to the doggy ER and i'm crying and can barely get the words "my dog ate chocolate" out. she hands me a box of tissues and calls the doggy triage. that actually exists. they take jack away and come tell us they are going to have to give him a shot to induce vomiting and it will cost $70. um who cares how much it costs just make him be okay.

we see the vet and i'm still crying. she tries to make me feel better by telling me that this happens all the time. and that she has had two of her own dogs eat chocolate. that kind of made me feel better. she tells us hes going to have to stay overnight and have an IV and eat charcoal. by the time we leave, i've mostly stopped crying. i feel okay until it's time to go to bed. they told me i could call whenever i wanted to check in so i do. it's a 24-hour establishment so it's totally okay to call them at midnight. they tell me he's doing great and they can't believe he gives hugs.

jack returned to us on sunday morning with a beard full of charcoal and a shaved leg. he's basically been asleep since he got back. he is enjoying the fact that he will be eating baby food for the next few days. it's like he doesn't even stop to breathe when eats that stuff. 

needless to say, it wasn't the best of weekends. 

and yes, jack and i take daily selfies. 

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  1. I'm sorry friend! I've been there - when Charlie was on a chicken and rice diet for stomach problems our vet told us we could toss a little chicken broth on there to entice him...3-4 hours later he was vomiting blood and had bloody diarrhea. We rushed him to the vet and finally got to the bottom of it - onions in the broth. I wanted to slap myself. He was fine, I honestly think it might have been harder on us. Oy, these pups!