things have felt kind of blah over here lately. that's kind of how summers in san francisco are. just blah. our lives have felt extra boring and uneventful. i feel like i lost my mojo. please come back mojo. i need you.

i look like a skunk with huge roots and i still have to wait 17 days to get my hair done. i also have the strong urge to chop my hair all off like it's 2011 again. somebody talk me out of it.  i need to buy shorts so i can survive 95 degrees in utah but i hate buying shorts. where does somebody with stubby legs buy shorts? i just bought a pouf and it smells foul. FOUL.  it wasn't a cheap pouf either so i am sort of mad at one kings lane.  please tell me the smell will go away.

clearly, i need help. 

here is a list of things that are keeping the blah from completely taking over...

nick! happiest day in 2 years? i think so. only 23 more days.
36 hour sleep over in CT.
bryce and jessie do SF part 2.
a wedding. and weddings are always fun. 
thanksgivnig tour de texas. 
disneyword. dreams do come true. 

maybe i should make a countdown chain. those always make me happy. and maybe someday soon i will have more exciting things to blog about. 


  1. I love your blog...I tell everyone to read it....cause if they do they'll be hooked:) post pics of your pouf.... I bet the cuteness out weighs the smell:)

    1. no cuteness could out weigh the smell. it smells like an animal crawled inside and died. i was scared to unzip it and look inside. it is going back!

  2. What brings you to Texas?! I imagine you'll be busy and with family but I'd love to see you!

    1. it will just be dave and i. we are doing houston and austin. austin as a hypothetical future place to live and houston to see where elder kershaw hung out for two years. sadly not McKinney :(