2014 was SUCH a long year. it's been a blur of craziness, love, learning and a whole lot of changes. but 2014 gave me the love of my life and the one job i've always wanted. 

(the card i never made)

i'm stretched thinner than ever before. my heart feels like i've going to burst all the time. and i need to improve on so many levels. here are a few things i'd like to do in 2015 

\ take more photos of ari with my camera 
\ pray more
\ work on my mom anxiety 
\ read some parenting books
\ increase my spirituality 
\ use my phone less
\ don't compare my life to others 
\ spend more time outside 
\ get strong and buff

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  1. / Buy a house with an in law suite for me to move in, make you buff, feed you all, cuddle the crap out of you three (and David if he needs a hug), work on basically the same things, never be apart again. 2014 was totally whackadoo but you are a brilliant human and a remarkable mama. It's been such a joy to watch you, even from afar. Xoxo