the day has finally come

When Jack and I will be getting on a plane... together. 
Yes. I am flying with a dog. 

I've known this day was coming for about a month now and has been giving me MAJOR anxiety. 
I have so many fears about how the day will go.

1) I will get the airport and they will tell me sorry we have no record of you traveling with a animal
2) They will tell me that his carrier will not fit under the seat ( I will make it fit)
3) They had to switch aircrafts and he really won't be fitting (can they do that?) 
4) They will tell me Jacks health certificate isn't sufficient ( I paid for it so it better be)  
5) Jack  decides its a good idea to bark or cry the entire flight and everyone on the plane gets mad at me
6) He will suddenly loser control of his bladder 
7) and benadryl will actually have the opposite effects and make him go crazy (ah!)

I will probably have to take benadryl myself if I want to get any sleep tonight. 

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